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Potassium liquid glass - is a water alkaline solution of the potassium silicates K2O(SiO2)

General properties of the liquid glass:

Parameter name In accordance with GOST 18958-73 and general specification
Silica module 1.0 — 5.0
Density at 200С, g/cm3 1.20 — 1.50
Mass fraction of silica dioxide, % 20.0 — 28.0
Mass fraction of potassium oxide, % 10.2 — 14.5
Mass fraction of water insoluble precipitate, %, no more than 1.8

We are professionals in production of the high quality potassium liquid glass especially for paint industry.

Potassium liquid glass makes your dye the best on the market.

Advantages of dye based on the potassium glass:

  • High vapor permeability
  • Refractoriness
  • Endurance
  • Low dirt adherence
  • Water resistance
  • Full environmental safety
  • Durability and reability

 Potassium liquid glass application area:

  • For silicate paints 
  • For the production of electrodes
  • Furnace lining
  • For waterproofing
  • For waterproofing the pool
  • For thermal insulation

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