Solid concentrate of liquid glass (Silicate astringent mixture)

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Parameter name Rate for solid concentrate Test method
Physical form Gray flour Visually
Mass fraction of SiO2, % 45-80 45-80 By GOST 13078-81, par. 3.9
Mass fraction of Na2O, % 19-35 0 By GOST 13078-81, par. 3.9
Mass fraction of K2O, % 0 25-35 By GOST 13078-81, par. 3.9
Silica module, units 2.6-5.0 2.6-5.0 By GOST 13078-81, par. 3.10

Purpose of the liquid glass solid concentrate

  • Reservoir recovery increase
  • Performing repairing waterproofing work on the oil and gas wells, production of combined multifunctional silicate reagents for drilling solutions preparing.
  • It is applied in the construction area when preparing construction mixes, acid-proof solutions and putties, refractory and heat-proof putties, thermal insulation materials.
  • Ground stabilization.

Advantages of the liquid glass solid concentrate

  •  It is possible to prepare compositions on its basis, which contain all required components in the form of solid mixture, they are ready for use after mixing with a water, such compositions can have unlimited expiry date if storage is proper.
  • Solid concentrate of the liquid glass is more economical during transportation.
  • Unlike the liquid glasses, can be used in wide range of temperature (the liquid glasses freeze at small sub-zero temperatures).

Preparation procedure 

Water with a temperature of more than 25C is poured into the tank (recommended temperature is 40-45C). During winter cover metal tank with thermal insulation and fill it with hotter water at the rate of its mixing with dry concentrate in the volume of full package consumption and obtaining required density of the prepared liquid glass. 

- Pour the dry concentrate into the tank with heated water and stir the solution. Whereby the solution is heated up to 900C, boiled and its volume is raised up (that is why it is required to provide the initial water level of not more that 1/3 of the tank height) 

-Additionally continue stirring the solution until a viscous state and even texture (30-60 minutes depending on the volume solution) 

-Stop stirring and cover the load opening of the mixer tank with a moistened material or lid. 

- Settle the solution in the tank until it is completely cooled (to the environment temperature). If necessary it can be used in the warm state. 

- Dilute the prepared liquid glass with an additional amount of water if necessary to reduce the density. 

Rotating autoclave, (which is usually used to prepare liquid glass from silicate lumps), can also be used to prepare liquid glass from dry concentrate, and there is no need to use external pressurized steam. Rotation mechanism of the autoclave is used for short-term mixing of the components.

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