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Manufactured  siliceous: 15%, 20%, 30%, 40% and aluminised

Delivery principle: any city of Russia or Export.


Siliceous (colloidal silica) - is a colloidal solution consisting of dispersion medium, which is water, and dispersion phase, which is amorphous silica micelles.

Silica micelles, saturated with the water molecules, possess polymer nature, high developed surface and have more (silanol) groups, which provides high reactive capability and a possibility of modifying the surface of the particles by adsorbing various ions. Silica micelles are spherical particles saturated with water and alkali metal ions (Li, Ka, K, NH4). This colloidal solution is characterized by opalescence and whitish color.


  • Abrasion and scratch resistance 
  • Adhesion
  • Anti-soiling
  • Anti-blocking
  • Binding
  • Dispersing
  • Flocculation
  • Frictionizing
  • Gelling
  • Polishing and planarization
  • Printability

Siliceous application area:

For catalysts:

For production of chemicals

For specialty zeolite synthesis

For emission control

For oil refining - FCC 

For coatings:

For silicate paints 

For cool roof coatings

More architectural coatings 

For wood coatings

For metal coatings

More industrial coatings 

For construction:

For concrete 

For geo-technical 

For oilfield 

More applications: 

For electronics

For adhesives 

For beverage clarification

For cleaning products 

For gel and AGM batteries 

For paper and packaging 

For precision investment casting 

For textiles and fabrics

For water treatment 

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